We all now that answering phone calls while driving can be dangerous. So in this case you need a Bluetooth Headphone. Here are some frequently asked questions about Bluetooth Headphone.

How to choose a Bluetooth Headphone?
There are two types of Bluetooth Headphone:mono and stereo, bringing an optional Bluetooth stereo headset when their phones to try, unless your friend has bought this exactly the same, you can ask someone to take. According to the type of wear, generally ear buds, ear hook, head -loading, clothespin -type, please choose according to their needs.

Is my smartphone compatible with a Bluetooth Headphone?
Bluetooth Headphone can support music playback, the ability to listen to music, watch phone support. Generally there are four cases:
1. Bluetooth is versatile, generally are compatible with Bluetooth phones have to answer the call.
2. General phone does not support music, generally Nokia phones will support better, but now the Android phone should support it.
3. Mobile phone with Bluetooth stereo function, you can buy a Bluetooth stereo headset to listen to music. Also important to note is that Nokia phones with Bluetooth stereo function if you do not use Bluetooth stereo headphones to listen to music, reflecting only the two-channel effects.
4. Small part with the S60 smartphone operating system, you can install a patch to support certain types of stereo headphones.

Is a Bluetooth Headphone easy to use?
Bluetooth Headphone is very simple, the main need paired with the phone for the first time use. Specific pairing method for each model of each brand is different. Pairing method is the most versatile bond length by about 8 seconds until the lights flash alternately with mobile search, enters the password after searching it. Because few buttons, most of the volume buttons only, phone / hang up button, it is very simple to use.

Can I change the Bluetooth Headphone battery? How long is the life expectancy?
Most Bluetooth Headphone battery is built- in lithium battery (seldom used on the 7th battery), the battery can not be replaced, the battery charging times about 500 times. General Bluetooth Headphone battery can be used in about 2-3 years, 2 years, Bluetooth Headphones can also be upgrading, so you can buy a new make new attempt.

Is Bluetooth Headphone radiation bad for health?
Bluetooth Headphone radiation value is only a few hundredth of the phone, it should be very small, it belongs to the radiation free products, in many countries, Bluetooth Headphones have been very popular, and especially with the driver of the car was especially reduced driving dangerous.

What is a Bluetooth pairing password?
Bluetooth pairing password is generally 0000,8888 there may be 1234, the pairing instructions manual generally have a password, just the experience of more than a few most of this, probably more than it should be no Bluetooth 2.1 Pin Code, because Bluetooth 2.1 support simple pairing.

What is the effective range of Bluetooth Headphone?
Bluetooth is a short-range data communication protocol, in theory, is generally effective range of 10 meters, the original can reach 7-8 meters, can reach 2-6 meters high imitation, Bluetooth can transmit far the reason is because the lower power consumption and radiation, on the energy distribution is very average, with a frequency-hopping technology. Signal by the use of environmental impact, unobstructed between the headset and the phone is about three meters without noise appears as a normal phenomenon.

Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM) 2014 is China’s first trade show certified by UFI. It is also the largest and most influential machinery exhibition in southern China.

SIMM 2014 will take place on March 28, 2014. The 4-day trade show will feature major machinery and mechanical chain executives and machinery manufacturing elites.

Founded in 2000, from the beginning of 8000 square meters of exhibition area, and gradually developed to the present 100,000 square meters, from the first to the thirteenth exhibitions at home and abroad to visit the site had received more than one million passengers buyers, extension signed contract and intention to turnover totaling hundreds of billions, the four major professional exhibition of its influence on getting more day: metalworking exhibition, machinery automation exhibition, exhibition knives and tools, molds and products exhibition, subjected to long-term exercise and test the market, the display and presentation are the world’s most advanced machinery industry enterprises, products and technical information.

Pearl River Delta region is a core area, has formed a complete industrial chain machining, and bears a huge market demand. 75% of exhibitors at each annual exhibition illustrate Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition by the market and industry recognition.

* Metalworking: South machinery first exhibition, the exhibition area of 52,500 square meters, with metal cutting machine tools, forming machine tools, machine tools and other main exhibits, is the world’s top 20 brands of machine tool manufacturers Required exhibition projects.

* Machine Automation: South China’s largest machinery automation industry exhibition, direct contact with the massive machinery manufacturing and direct customers and vendors of related industries, for industrial transformation and intelligent automation systems offer the most convenient upgrade professional informed sources.

* Molds and Products: China Precision brand development, corporate branding professional committed to global sourcing, providing one-stop service platform for exhibitors and buyers of information technology exchanges and cooperation, auto parts, medical equipment from the world’s top 500 and other professional buyers, Mould Exhibition in Shenzhen in mainland China, the best proof of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia brand appeal.

* Tool and Tools: gathering the world’s leading machining tools, tools, measuring equipment, grinding equipment, tool ” world” brand gathered, non-standard “custom” as you need, is a global industry event machining and processing challenges best solution platform.

South China is one of the world’s largest concentrations of manufacturing industries in emerging industrial base. With the industrial upgrading and transformation, the 14th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition will attract the accumulation of each year’s exhibitors and visitors.

Car engine overheating is a common fault. It will lead to the occurrence of engine power, economic decline, but also serious to parts, so such a failure should be promptly removed. Experts are willing to share some useful tips to help you deal with this issue.

car engine If you find that the car engine temperature is too high or the temperature light kept flashing, to stop and check to see whether the normal cooling water tanks, water tanks, pipes and various joints for leakage. If the inspection found no abnormalities by appearance, you can make up the required cooling water and then continue driving. If, after traveling some distance, still found that the temperature is too high, stop and check the cooling water also found to reduce very much, this is mostly due to the water jacket of the cylinder block and the loss of trachoma or perforation. After the discovery of this fault should be repaired and must not be taken lightly.

When the car engine temperature is too high, you can hand to touch the pipes and underwater pipe temperature to determine the fault lies. If the temperature difference between two very large pipes, the thermostat can be judged as not working. On the way if purchased less than a moment accessories, emergency thermostat can be removed, replaced immediately upon return to his unit.

If there is air in the cooling system, the formation of air resistance, so that cooling water is bad, causing the car engine temperature. The following practices can be deflated: let the car engine at high speed, gently unscrew the radiator cap to just have a gas release, this time there will be some outflow of cooling water along with the gas, so repeatedly, until you feel will be finished until the gas discharge. After troubleshooting, you should replenish the cooling water.

If your vehicles travel on dirt or muddy road, there will be some dirt adhering to the radiator, over time, will affect the cooling effect, causing the water temperature to become too high. In this situation, you can blow the radiator grille with compressed air. The last step is to wash it.

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) through the latest consumer surveys and market forecasts, lock things, unmanned vehicles, robots and video content coming curatorial three techniques.

In this market capitalization is up to $ 203 billion market for electronic products because of what changes to make these technologies? Take a look at the Consumer Electronics Association explained (CEA) is:

Internet of Things
Sensors constitute a new generation of “Internet of Things”. Ordinary objects through “sensing” of digitized, Implantable sensor has started various objects, such as surfboards, shirts, TV remote and toys. The next step is to make full use of sensors deployed access electronic equipment; access to information will affect the larger user decisions.

Sensors to monitor and measure what we normally impossible, Of course, this is because the sensor can be digitized and frequent calculations. In these data, the algorithm can find the things we can not see to help us overcome the behavioral biases and other problems hinder efficiency, we are surrounded by billions of nodes, intelligent but can affect them every thing of our lives.

Driverless cars
Survey Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) showed that the driver is willing to consider sitting in the back seat. Moment, there are two types of unmanned intelligent systems: sensor- based and camera -based systems, Sensor- based, these sensors are functionally in a “blind ” state, it can transmit them to another position relative to the vehicle position and,

With camera -based, these cameras can see and detect things within its edges, In the software, only the “eye ” has been trained to avoid a hit something, ignore certain things and uses some objects, Scale technology to improve our lives depends largely on how we as a society to make rules, to accept new responsibilities and respond to scarce resources such as parking lots, sidewalks and electricity demand conversion. It will give some people’s lives caused huge upheaval, but also for the lives of more people and create new opportunities and convenience.

Future robots
According to U.S. ABI Research, 2012 annual consumption robot market capitalization $ 1.6 billion, and forecast to 2017 will grow to $ 6.5 billion,

U.S. Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) survey showed that 59 percent of respondents said that robots doing housework very effective; 53% of people want a robot for home security protection, 21% of people said that the performance of the robot entertainment and companionship are exciting; 8% of people said that if the robot can better care for children.

Predict the Major Consumer Electronics Trends with CES 2014
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International consumer electronics Show on January 7 to 10 in Las Vegas, conduct, major global IT vendors continue to publish or display the latest products of their own, to bring the grand visual auditory feast on the show.

Analysts said that as one of the three electronics show in the world, Consumer Electronics (on http://www.ecvv.com/product/Consumer-Electronics.html )Show 2014 demonstrated products and hot technology people will be in the future for a long period of time, sustained impact on the development of the IT industry. In this exhibition many products, smart home, smart cars, smart robots, wearable devices such as the four most attractive products.

Consumer ElectronicsThis year the exhibition, a number of vendors display their home automation systems and smart appliances. With these products, users can keep abreast of household energy, water use, etc., which greatly facilitates the user’s life; addition, including Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG and other TV manufacturers have demonstrated a clearer and cheaper 4K TV products.

Google Android system, the company plans to introduce the automotive sector, Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest highlight of this exhibition. Google co- Audi, GM, Hyundai, Honda, Nvidia5 auto companies and technology companies established open car alliance, which plans to build an open in-vehicle platform, which will promote the rapid development of intelligent automotive industry (autopilot technology, automotive entertainment and information systems will be the focus of future development of intelligent vehicle technologies).

Many of this year on the Consumer Electronics Show, the manufacturers showcase robot products. It is reported that, Orbotix’s Sphero toy ball exhibitors can help students learn programming techniques, Sen.se developed Mother Robot can do to remind customers of medication, turn off the thermostat and other things.

Also, according to Credit Suisse predicts that in the next 2 to 3 years, wearable technology market will grow from the current size of 3 billion to 5 billion U.S. dollars to 30 billion to 50 billion U.S. dollars over the next three to five years the growth rate of the terminal complex will not less than 50%.

CES 2014 is coming. It is the first world-class consumer electronics exhibition in the New Year. The digital and technological trends it presents always attract considerable attention. Of course, no matter how avant-garde of these products, ahead of even the weird, whether we can really come into regular user’s home, truly reflect their values.

Wearable devices will be the future of technology products; it seems that this has become a consensus he media or the vendors are great lengths to publicize the impact of wearable devices in the future of human life.

Wearable devices are worn directly on the body, or integrated into a portable device user’s clothing or accessories. Wearable device is not just a hardware device; it is to achieve the powerful support by software and data exchange, cloud interaction. Wearable devices will bring great changes to our lives, perception.

Generally speaking, the price is expensive wearable devices. Google Glass is priced at $ 1,500. Nike + FuelBand SE is priced at $ 149. Battery life is short. Ordinary smart watch battery in about 24 hours, if you open more functionality consumption will increase, so that users have to charge twice a day to the normal use of electricity. Many smart phone watch equipped with the functional needs of the watch to be able to use.

In 2013, we saw a lot of movement monitoring bracelet listed, as well as smart watches and smart glasses around the corner, but a key problem is that they all look too avant garde. It is still generous enough to make you wear out the functions also have insufficient to achieve the perfect experience.

CES 2014 will be landing now known wearable devices include Archos, ZTE and other brands, is expected there will be many business platform gush of products, we hope that they can be compared to the previous product improvement, at least be able to have long-term development of new characteristics and potential.

We have bid farewell to 2013 and usher in 2014. We make New Year’s resolutions to get rid of bad habits and embrace healthy lifestyle. Quit smoking is among the most popular New Year’s resolutions.

Tobacco is harmful to human health of various organs throughout the body system. Bear the brunt of the respiratory system and cardiovascular system. Data show that the incidence of lung cancer in smokers, higher than the average 20-25 times and positively correlated with the amount of smoking and smoking length of time was. Smokers lung cancer mortality 10-13 times higher than non-smokers. More and more smokers choose electric cigarette.

Powerful addictive tobacco itself is a key reason for smokers to quit difficult. Nicotine is the culprit leading to tobacco addiction. Nicotine in tobacco is a neurotoxin, highly addictive, mainly against the nervous system, after being inhaled just 7.5 seconds to reach the brain, combined with brain nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, releasing large amounts of dopamine, so that smokers produce euphoria, and cause breathing reflex excitability, elevated blood pressure, increased cardiovascular burden.

About 90 percent of tobacco addicts who tried to quit smoking. According to the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) estimated that in the UK, every year about 4 million smokers want to quit.

Electric cigarette is modeled portable electronic atomization cigarette appliance, the appliance through the atomizer labeled propylene glycol or glycerin mist inhaled directly, at first glance like with smoking, but the process does not produce smoke.

Sellers will generally be the electric cigarette packaging without public nature of the harm of cigarette smoking cessation products or alternatives, some of the medical profession that although a lot of potential to become a better alternative; But that is theory, but also a lack of effective clinical trial data to prove. Governments also have their different regulation for the control of some areas to nicotine and prohibit the use of ingredients, or require through control standards in order to sell drugs, some suggested moratorium to minors, while others pointed out that the electric cigarette will produce secondhand smoke.

Electric cigarettes generally lithium battery, atomizer and cartridge consists of three parts. Smoke gall 1,2-propanediol as the main reconcile agent, adding nicotine and other flavor ingredients. The use of ultrasonic atomizer, liquid smoke cigarette gall labeled mist. Most electronic devices are in possession of the smoke flow sensors, flow sensors to have when inhaled, the electric cigarette can start automatically generate smoke.

Four major e-commerce trends in 2014

Happy New Year 2014! ECVV.com wishes you a happy and successful year ahead. Here are four major e-commerce trends in 2014 that we want to share with you.

Accenture’s B2B sourcing research reports found that 50 % of companies will purchase half of the budget on the Internet, 59% of corporate buyers to online purchases as the main procurement methods, 27% of the amount of the monthly online buyers purchasing more than 5000 dollars. More than 50% of B2B companies in an Accenture survey said they are trying to make the transfer from the line to buyers online, in order to enhance the overall profitability and long-term competitiveness.

Firstly, the global enterprise users’ online purchases increasing scale, online purchasing is becoming a mainstream way. According to research firm Forrester2013 survey showed that U.S. companies directly online purchases reached $ 559 billion, B2C electricity supplier transactions amounted $ 220 billion, the transaction is twice the size of B2B online marketplace.

Secondly, B2B online purchasing experience requirements are converging in B2C customer experience, namely fast, simple and easy to use, in terms of fluency, logistics, service response such transactions are true. As a result, an increasing number of B2B platforms on the user experience must follow up B2C platform.

Thirdly, triggered by a mobile smartphone wave, electricity supplier to the global B2B platform brings a profound impact. Oracle for B2B e-commerce research found that nearly 70 percent of B2B companies believe that the procurement side of the tide is moving electricity supplier Forced early development of the Company’s strategic B2B mobile provider. Already 31% of B2B online marketplaces are developing mobile applications to achieve orders, check orders, and track the movement of orders. The use of mobile phones as a new sales channel end will be the future of B2B business platform focused on strategic layout.

Fourthly, the global electricity suppliers are much higher than the growth rate and profitability of domestic electricity supplier. 80% of the purchase reasons focused on two aspects, one can not purchase all of their products, they need extensive product selection; second is cost savings.

Here are three proposals for your reference. Firstly, change understanding. E-commerce is the information service model from the past, to the whole process of online transactions. Companies need a profound understanding of this trend and elevated to a strategic height, the use of the Internet thinking on the line with global buyers docking. Secondly, start from the platform, reducing investment. Traditional companies do the best path is the first foreign trade electricity providers on the platform, should make full use of the existing platform, saving manpower, financial and material resources. Thirdly, there is a new export strategy. Rich product categories to make the transaction safe and convenient, smooth logistics, service and smooth, to create a global network of online transaction -based sales channels.

Responsible for air safety in North America, NORAD does something different during Christmas season to track Santa Claus. Although this errand has done 50 years, but this year has a new surprise — the famous search engine Google collaboration, users can not only through the “Google Earth” live view of Santa Claus with a three-dimensional effect of a moving image, but also enlarge image viewing real.

The “Santa Claus” on the 24th reindeer sleigh ride from the North Pole to start the world tour, NORAD uses radar, satellites and jet fighters throughout closely “track”. Internet users around the world can watch in real time the whereabouts of Santa Claus, click-through rate is expected to more than 1 billion times.

NORAD perform “tracking” task has 50 years of history in recent years, the creation of a dedicated website www.noradsanta.org, for users to keep track of the whereabouts of Santa Claus.

Many Americans put this event as a great pleasure for Christmas. This activity has now swept the world, the site therefore offers English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese 6 languages .

This year’s “track” event is scheduled to Greenwich Time at 9:00 on the 24th, the starting point for the North Pole. Santa Claus walking routes are different each year; the same is he every year starting at sunset from around New Zealand.

Unlike previous years, this year’s ” track ” campaign with the famous search engine Google collaboration, users can not only through the ” Google Earth” live view of Santa Claus with a three-dimensional effect of a moving image, the image can be enlarged to watch real.

Last year, the “tracking” activity hit rate is 941 million times, attracting participants from approximately 210 countries and territories. In addition to the creation of websites, NORAD also has a telephone hotline and e-mail, to provide people with information on the whereabouts of Santa Claus. Last year, 750 volunteers answered 65,000 hotline calls and responded to 96,000 e-mails.

Santa Claus work is very “busy “, he wants to cross multiple time zones, at least 24 hours to about 75 million households use when giving gifts. Many skeptics say that to do this, Santa Claus needs at least 214,200 reindeer, but also reindeer can fly. Even so, it must reindeer flying at a speed of 650 miles per second, in order to complete the task. But so quickly make them like a meteor burning in the atmosphere.

But scientists believe that anything is possible. North Carolina State University professor Larry Silverberg believes that Santa Claus must master the theory of relativity “super scientist.” “From the perspective of the extent of his master the theory of relativity, Santa realized that time can be stretched like rubber, like, the same space can be squeezed like oranges, light can bend,” he said.

Christmas is approaching. The British face of overwhelming gift propaganda war dazzled. Behind the seemingly commercial feast of Christmas tradition continued until today, in fact, a lot of very long history.

From Christmas trees, Christmas crackers, Christmas gifts to Christmas barbecue dinner, in fact, many commercial performances from Victorian England.

Nevertheless, with dried fruit, nuts and other typical Victorian era Christmas gift is different, British family Christmas this year was 22.3 billion pounds of total spending.

YouGov survey shows that every British family on this Christmas gift will be spent only 599 pounds. The survey also found that the average household spent £ 180 each on Christmas food and drink, spend 43 pounds on Christmas cards, Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.

When people join the occasion of the Christmas shopping frenzy might want to know, in the Victorian era, how people over Christmas? What are the expenses? According to the current standard, Victorian houses and fuel prices are very low, while the wage gap between the working class and the middle class is also very large. However, with today is the same Victorian Christmas food is a luxury.

Food historian Annie Gray said Christmas dinner meat is still the protagonist, and a family of Victorian Christmas eating meat is often depends on what they are in place. Gray said that in the Victorian era Christmas eating beef is something worth showing off. For the not-so- wealthy Victorian era home – such as annual income of only £ 100 small staff families, and even eat a beef or turkey for Christmas is a distant thing.

At that time London and southern England family Christmas dinner is likely to start from the oysters. While oysters in today’s Britain are a luxury food, in the Victorian era it was “poor in protein”.

Many modern Christmas customs are by Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, brought from Germany to the UK. 1848, Illustrated London News published a couple of a Victorian family portrait with kids beside the Christmas tree. Christmas tree soon became fashionable thing essential for any British family during Christmas, and today is still the case. British Forestry Commission figures show that sales of fir trees in the UK are about 6 million.

source: http://businessisbiz.com/merry-christmas-much-spent-christmas-gifts-year/

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